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Guapo – Black Oni – CD Review (7.5/10)

Guapo is a British Zeuhl power-trio (and live, also a quartet) which released the album “Black Oni” in 2005. This album came out one year after “Five Suns” got some good reviews on the web, supporting the band on many … Continue reading

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Far Corner – Endangered (9/10)

Far Corner are a Wisconsin-based Chamber-Rock quartet. They are heavily influenced by one of Rock-in-Opposition’s most notorious groups – Univers Zero. However, they manage to create music which is on the same super-high level of UZ, especially on the compositional … Continue reading

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Grand Opening and Closing

Debut effort from a peculiar group of an American avant-rockers, which took the tiny prog underground by a little storm. Although their second work (“Of Natural History”) was even more brilliant in every possible way – this debut is an … Continue reading

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