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Discipline – Unfolded like staircase

More American prog, this time from “way back” in 1997. Group spearheaded by Matthew Parmenter, a talented guy with a great voice, using a mixture of British and American accents. Most of the music is emotionally sharp, and some of … Continue reading

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Glass Hammer – Lex Rex

American symphonic prog in the famous YES tradition, from a band that is not afraid to sound full-retro, with all the moogs to prove it. While the compositions are sometimes powerful, Glass Hammer could use a good lead singer, an … Continue reading

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Grand Opening and Closing

Debut effort from a peculiar group of an American avant-rockers, which took the tiny prog underground by a little storm. Although their second work (“Of Natural History”) was even more brilliant in every possible way – this debut is an … Continue reading

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Anekdoten – From Within

Swedish neo-prog band Anekdoten were moving away from the hard-core progressive rock genre in a gradual manner during the late 90’s. After two excellent albums — the surprising debut “Vemod” and the amazing follow-up “Nucleus — they decided to make … Continue reading

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Artcane – Odyssee (1977)

French prog from the late seventies, with a few nice surprises here and there. Although they made only one record, it’s was not in vein. The music is quirky, dynamic, with a sharp guitar sound and strong drum channel. At … Continue reading

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Spiral Architect – A Sceptic’s Universe

Oh my lord – what an album! Spiral Architect are a few clever Norwegian musicians who wanted to create *very* complex prog-metal, combining jazz-fusion elements with the power and intensity of the fastest Nord-metal available. Although I have some reservations … Continue reading

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Nexus – Metanoia

Argentinian symphonic prog band with a great lead singer, Mariela Gonzales. The compositions are majestic, with great sweeps of fat moogs, dramatic & echoey guitar – and passionate Spanish lyrics, of course. Most albums coming from South America are usually … Continue reading

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The Red Masque – Feathers for Flesh

Sometime art-rock goes too far. It’s not that “Red Masque” are a bunch of boring proggers – they just go overboard with their agenda, not thinking enough about the listener. The first track (house of ashes) and the 2nd track … Continue reading

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Cynic – Focus

Everything Cynic tried to do back in 1993, the Norwegian group “Spiral Architect” did much better with “A Sceptic’s Universe”. Cynic’s attampt of fusing jazz with heavy metal is not very cohesive, so the album sounds a bit raw and … Continue reading

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Sympozion – Kundabuffer

Debut album by an Israeli prog-rock band. The music is polyphonic, rich with clever counterpoint and happy melodies. The compositions are pretty smart most of the time, but the emotional balance is lacking, and not enough energy is exhibited by … Continue reading

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