Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Grand Opening and Closing

Debut effort from a peculiar group of an American avant-rockers, which took the tiny prog underground by a little storm. Although their second work (“Of Natural History”) was even more brilliant in every possible way – this debut is an admirable piece of prog work.

Right from the first track (“Sleep is Wrong”) you understand that these artists have shaped their own, original style. The music is hectic, hyperactive, nihilistic — and yet carefully arranged and performed. When they shred – they do it with a rare ensemble precision. And when they calm down – they manage to radiate a modern poets’ sensitivity. When you go deeper into the lyrics and the artistic roots of the material, you discover how far SGM went to create their own made-up world, based on real 20th century art history.

Favorite tracks are “Ambugaton”, “Powerless” and “Sleepytime”. There’s also a remastered version avaiable out there. Highly recommended for wild prog hearts who wish for something that will wake them up with a big bang, because sleep is indeed wrong.


About mitkadem is the Hebrew guide to progressive rock, focusing on Israeli readers.
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