“Three Friends” coming to Israel, November 2nd (2012)

“Three Friends” is not just a Gentle Giant tribute band – it has some of the original band members in it. Drummer Malcolm Moritmere was a member in the real 70’s GG band, along with the well-known guitarist, Gary Green.

Original Gentle Giant keyboardist Kerry Minear was also a crucial member of Gentle Giant, and he was part of the “three friends” original lineup, but he left the group following negative reactions from the Shulman brothers.

Now they’re coming to Israel: they have a show planend for November 2nd, 2012. The venue is “Reading 3” at Tel Aviv Bay. Ticket sales have not begun at the time of this post (Aug 12th). Maybe that’s the reason why the TLV gig has not been published on the Three Friends band’s official website.

So why are they coming to Israel? it’s a conicidence, actually. The global on-reflection gentle giant gathering, simply reffered to as GORGGG, has chosen Israel to be it’s gathering place for October-November 2012. This fan gathering is been happening every year since 1999.

Joining Mortimere and Green are bassist Lee Pomeroy (who has just visited Tel Aviv lately, with Steve Hackett performing here), Vovalist Mick WIlson, keyboardist Gary Sanctury and (maybe) fresh violinist Charlotte Glasson.

Gentle Giant never performed in Israel, so “Three Friends” is the closest thing the Israelis are going to get. Once the TF band starts their new CA+US tour in October, we’ll know their current set-list. They’re in rehersales as we write this.

Three Friends would have never come to Israel if it wasn’t for the combined activity of Yehuda Kotton and Ed Hurst, two great GG fans. They deserve a lot of credit.


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