Hai Meirzadh – Straight Circles (2008) (Prog-Metal-Fusion)

Awaken all morbid fans of Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet-X, Derek Sherinian, Jordan Rudess and instrumental prog-metal-fusion! a brilliant Israeli composer & keyboard wizard has released his debut album, with the help of a kick-ass fusion drummer called Yatziv Caspi.

Together they storm through 8 tracks of smart, fast-paced and witty prog-fusion with some clear prog-metal influences. The album is only 35 minutes long but it’s great fun. Although it can’t be seriously compared with DT’s best stuff, the compositional level is high indeed.

Production level is also higher than expected with a debut release from an internationally unknown artist. Meirzadh has managed to self-produce his music, which sounds professional to the last bit, dynamic and multi-layered.

Highlights are the title track (“Straight Circles”), “Happy Nightmare” and “Heat”. The other tracks are almost on the same level, but no track sounds like the other. Meirzadh keeps matters interesting by using different musical textures and sounds for every track. It’s really hard to believe that this virtual band is only comprised of two individuals, with Meirzadh handling all the keyboard work, virtual bass and guitars.

Summary: I would give this album 8/10 on the international scale, and 8.5/10 on the local (Israeli) scale. Recommended album from a brilliant young composer who has a lot to offer the world, although he lives in a tiny country in the Middle East, and not Stockholm, NYC or London.

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