Darwin’s Radio – Eyes of the World

Debut album by an unknown, young UK group. It’s firmly fixed on the Neo-prog genre, quite identical to the music of IQ. Although their frontman, Declan Burke, is not as charismatic as IQ’s Peter Nicholls, they still enjoy the same nice flow of UK neo-progs greats such as Marillion and such.

You can’t complain when listening to this 57-minutes-long album. All of the tracks are never embarrasing, and the groove is always there. Structure is maintained at all times, although the proggy listener could hope for a little more musical bravery at this field.

So it’s light-years away from masterpiece status, and it even too radio-friendly to be considered a prog-rock shocker, but it’s recommendable. I wouldn’t pay full-price for this thing, but it can be touted as “burn-worthy”. RIO-heads and Avant-phils, though, should stay away of Darwin’s Radio at all costs.


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