Atmosphera – Lady of Shalott

I’ve been searching YouTube for a long time in order to find this clip. Atmosphera is an Israeli progressive band, which tried to release an album during the 1970’s, but didn’t make it. It took 25 years to re-collect the material, remix it and release it as a real album.

The album “Lady of Shalott” was released in 2002. The 2-CD package included a lovely booklet and even some video clips. The jewel in the crown was an edited, new version of the “Lady of Shalott” clip from Israeli TV. It has been enhanced to include some nice effects, classical drawings and subtitles.

The music is similiar to YES’s early works (1970-1972). The instruments and arrangement sounds like YES — no accident there! You can find more info about Atmosphera here.

The album is now out of print. The label (MIO) has stopped working. Enjoy it while it’s still on YouTube servers…

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