Teliof – "Is it?" – Recommended progressive rock from Israel

A new Israeli progressive band – Teliof – has emerged out of nowhere. They have worked hard on completing their debut album (“Is It?”), and they’re offering it free online – in legal, free 128kbps mp3 download.

Although it’s a band from Israel, their lyrics are sung in plain English by a Canadian (!) singer, who lives in Israel now (Kristine Sykes). Their style is a mixture of Camel, Renaissance, Curved Air, Zappa and some Oldfield guitar licks.

The album “Is It?” has been completed in July 2008, and released in the summer.

The band name (Teliof) means nothing – they just searched for a vacant dot-com address.

Teliof credits:
Lior Arinos – Drums & Percussions
Avsha Elan – Guitars & Bass
Yuval Aviguy – Guitars
Kristine Sykes – Vocals, Flute
Rooly Eliezerov – Saxophone
Roei Remez – Keyboards

Download Teliof’s album from their official website


About mitkadem is the Hebrew guide to progressive rock, focusing on Israeli readers.
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