Jordan Rudess in Israel (Tel Aviv, November 27-29)

Jurdan Rudess, Dream Theater‘s keyboard wizard, has visited Israel for the first time on November 2006. He’s made 4 gigs with Aviv Geffen, his partner from the Blackfield band.

The gigs didn’t go so well, since most of the audience expected Rudess to show off his prog-rock skills. Instead, most of the gig was focused on Geffen’s solo material. The gig started with seven songs without Rudess, who didn’t even go on stage. When the crowd got imptaient, Rudess finally showed himself, but didn’t take the lead. Most of the time he just played “keyboardist for Aviv Geffen”, and that was it. He gave two good solos, but that wasn’t enough.

People said they have paid 130 shekels per ticket to see some keyboard stunts and progressive rock epics, not to see Dream Theater’s Synth-Master backup Aviv Geffen’s personal pop songs about love, relationship and grief. A local newspaper (NRG) cautioned the prog-heads to skip the show.

Jordan Rudess said that Dream Theater may visit Israel in 2007 or 2008. Well, he was almost right – DT annouced they will play in Tel Aviv, for the first time ever, on June 16, 2009.

Now that Jordan’s back from Israel, he said he’ll try to motivate DT’s management into including Israel to the prog-metal leader upcoming world tours. It seems that he did it…

So Jordan Rudess has not yet given an amazing gig in Israel. But now that DT has added one Tel Aviv date to their European leg of their 2009 summer tour – all of this is now forgiven.

Long live DT, and thanks for putting Tel Aviv on your tour map.

[updated Feb-16-2009]


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