Spiral Architect – A Sceptic’s Universe

Oh my lord – what an album!

Spiral Architect are a few clever Norwegian musicians who wanted to create *very* complex prog-metal, combining jazz-fusion elements with the power and intensity of the fastest Nord-metal available.

Although I have some reservations about the singing quality of their vocalist, Oyvind Haegeland, the album itself is overpowering. The level of musicianship is incredibly high here, and the clear digital recording enables the band to exploit their extreme dynamics to full extent.

Tech-metal Lives! Don’t care much about the pretentious lyrics sung by the over-dramatic Haegeland; The shocking bass-work by Lars Norberg, combining fretless chattering with metal thrashing, will leave you panting for breath; At the same time, Asgeir Mickelson’s drumstrokes will make you wonder “what meter are we talking about here? I’ve lost count!”.

This is a special album for people willing to take the metallic ride of their lives. Don’t let the lyrics bother you, focus on the metalworking of the musical staff.


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1 Response to Spiral Architect – A Sceptic’s Universe

  1. Anonymous says:

    fuc*ing great! Psychotic Waltz is pretty good band also but not like this.

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