Bloggin’ about progressive rock

Since I’ve opened the Hebrew guide to progressive rock in the summer of 2000, my life has changed.

I’ve been writing about prog-rock for a long time now, wrote numerous reviews, posted news and studied the subject with great depth.

The results:

  • A book called “Rock Mitkadem” (Hebrew for ‘progressive rock’), published 2005
  • A popular site, with more than 1,000 daily visitors, covered in the Israeli press
  • An ongoing discovery of amazing progressive music from all around the world

This blog attemps to widen the media spectrum of Israeli progressive rock.

I would first recommend a site called, by two Israelis (Arik & Raya) who worked hard creating a nice databae of Israeli prog for English readers.

More news will follow…

prog book


About mitkadem is the Hebrew guide to progressive rock, focusing on Israeli readers.
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One Response to Bloggin’ about progressive rock

  1. Boaz says:

    great, thanks ! Boaz.

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